1 Year Cake Smash Photos

Baby G’s parents chose our Baby’s 1st Year Package to cherish the blossoming of their baby girl. One thing that blossomed early and never stopped blossoming was Baby G’s hair. When they came over for her newborn session, Baby G had a full head of hair, with curls already starting to form. Carly was so jealous because Baby G is a few months younger then Sadie Alise and Sadie was bald. At 1 year, Baby G has long flowing locks.
We love when our clients chose to do a cake smash for their child’s 1 year session. Baby G did not love the cake but she did take a few nibbles. But seriously, how awesome is this cake stand?? Baby G’s mom borrowed this cake stand from a friend and we had to find one ourselves. Thanks to the internet, we now have our own. Baby G’s parents chose to do a book of their session so this post is the layout for their book. Enjoy…
cake-smash-photos-01 cake-smash-photos-02 cake-smash-photos-03 cake-smash-photos-04 cake-smash-photos-05 cake-smash-photos-06 cake-smash-photos-07 cake-smash-photos-08 cake-smash-photos-09 cake-smash-photos-10 cake-smash-photos-11 cake-smash-photos-12 cake-smash-photos-13 cake-smash-photos-14 cake-smash-photos-15 cake-smash-photos-16 cake-smash-photos-17 cake-smash-photos-18 cake-smash-photos-19 cake-smash-photos-20 cake-smash-photos-21

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