Costa Mesa Engagement Session {Sharon + Jason}


This was definitely one of the most fun engagement sessions I’ve shot in a long time! Sharon and Jason were totally up for the challenge of making their engagement photos very personalized. I love when my clients bring props to the engagement session for several reasons. Props serve as excellent ice breakers, especially for people who tend to be nervous when in front of the camera. They give you the opportunity to communicate who you are as a couple & make your engagement pictures not look like “everyone else’s.”  Plus, props are just plain fun!  Sharon and Jason will be tying the knot this September at St. Thomas Korean Catholic Center in Anaheim, followed by a reception at the Embassy Suites Anaheim North.  Keep an eye out for their wedding images!

My trusty assistant/husband, Chriss, was in charge of throwing the ball.  His first try almost pegged Sharon in the stomach (nice catch Jason!)  Second try- perfection!

Costa Mesa engagement pictures

Sharon chose the best outfits for their engagement session!  Doesn’t all this color look awesome?!  I’ll show the equally adorable third outfit in another blog post.Laguna Beach wedding pictures

It was quite interesting creating these images in the middle of downtown Laguna Beach…Sharon was explaining something to me, casually waving her cute little gun in the air, just as a cop walked by.  Don’t worry, it’s all legit and legal!  Chriss is holding our video light right next to me to create this dramatic look.  I didn’t want to use a regular on-camera strobe because I wanted to maintain the dark background.meadow engagement pictures

  1. elliott ho

    nice pictures! ur hot jason! lol :D

  2. Karen C.

    Awww Sharon you look so pretty! I LOVE the last photo!! lol

  3. tina lee

    ooOoOOOoOoO~ i like!!

  4. john kim

    you guys look great! awesome lighting!

  5. Monica Lee

    The pictures are amazing!!! You guys look great :) I can’t wait to see more!!!!

  6. Jean An

    awwwww such nice pictures!!!!

  7. Kaylee jeong

    It is awesome!!the best shot is the picture with the gun!! Great job!guys!!!!!!

  8. kat kim

    gangster photo with the gun!!!!! lol!!

    u two look so happy, young, and fresh… xoxo
    congrats again :)

  9. chris lee

    these pictures are great! Great job! Beautiful models =)

  10. sam tokko

    hahaha love the baseball pics

  11. Andrew Tokko

    i wanna get married =(

  12. Kae Kim

    Lighting and colors are very cooooool. Great pictures. Got any more?

  13. Chris Lenon

    Very nice photos. I really like the colors. By the way are those real guns?

  14. tori whitman

    i <3 the mr. and mrs. smith pic!

  15. john keyshawn

    S’wonderful! S’marvelous!

  16. Yeyoon Chun

    great photos!!!
    fun, beautiful, and thexyyyyy ;)

  17. Julia Woo

    Yeah! Such beautiful pictures!! All of them are so professional!!! I love all, especually the last one… It’s sooo you!! ♡

  18. Daisy Kwak

    Aww baseball and the gun! It’s so you guys.. I love it!! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!!!

  19. Christina Lee

    Beautiful! I want to see more!

  20. sharon jeong

    thanks for the beautiful pictures carly and chriss! you guys made us feel so comfortable and relaxed! highly recommend them!!! :)

  21. carly


    Thank you Sharon, and everyone else! I really appriciate all your sweet words :)

  22. Insook Jeong

    great pictures! i love them!

  23. Steve Oak

    I love all of them! Sharon you look very pretty in all of these, and Jason…what a hunk! LOL

  24. Jeannie Lee

    Aww….you guys look HOT!!! Love the pictures!

  25. Theresa

    Sharon & Jason! Congratulations, the photos look wonderful. I can’t wait to see more! btw, Jason where is your firearm?

  26. Jeannie Lee

    OMG…you guys look HOT!! I can’t decide which one I like the most…the only with the guns or the top view shot of you guys looking at each other!! Either way you guys look great!

  27. Tina Seo

    jason & sharon….you’re so beautiful together! dude, sharon, YOU’RE SO SEXY!! woo-hoo~~~~

  28. Grace Kang

    congrats jason and sharon! you both look so adorable. loving the pictures!

  29. Sandy Le

    beautiful couple! looking forward to seeing more awesome pictures! :)

  30. Esther Kim

    gun picture = SO HAWT ;)

  31. kevin shin

    Not only did you guys come out great but the photos look really good too. its enhanced HD. Carly sure knows how to work that camera!

  32. Peter Lee

    Nice pictures! Drool…When do we get to see the rest?

  33. Maria Hong

    You two look amazing! Can’t wait to see more. You guys remind me of Mr. & Mrs. Smith in the last photo with the guns.

  34. Brandon Jeong

    Looks good.. Very nice..

  35. Pat Valentino


  36. Joan

    awww you guys look so beautiful! i’m loving your personalities showing through the photos and all the colors&lighting! can’t wait to see the full batch of photos! congrats!!!~ i love you guys!

  37. Cas

    Congrats on some cute pics!

  38. john kwon

    awwww bbo bbossssss!!! just like that =)(=

  39. charlotte

    so so pretty and truly beautiful! i love the humor and how you personalized it for both of you! =]

  40. benny jeong

    great, great!

  41. Han kang

    The pictures look great. U look like a black widow with rifle! Nice!!!

  42. Kevin Bang

    I must say that these are exquisite wedding photos. Props to the photographer and models.

  43. Austin Yang

    Very nice!! I like the baseball theme

  44. Paul Yoon

    You guys look great!! Hope to see more

  45. christina kim

    beautiful :D love the photos! can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  46. Jenifer Lee

    Jason and Sharon! I love the baseball photo! It’s like the essence of both of you guys!
    Plus you guys look super Hot!

  47. Crystie

    great photos! they came out so lovely!! :)

  48. Hosun Hwang

    I like the pics. The picture with the guns…. Lol, I like it the most. =)

  49. helen wie

    :) You guys are such a beautiful couple. Congrats again!

  50. Janie Mun

    These pictures are so original!!! You guys look beautiful =)

  51. brian kim

    You guys are fantastic together. Time to tie the knot for good!

  52. Ginger M.

    You are a beautiful young lady. You and Janson are extremely photogenic…looking good & sassy!

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    These are so cute!! both of you look really good!

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