Old Ranch Country Club Wedding

Did you ever notice how something you’ve been hoping and praying for seems to finally happen when you least expect it?  Maybe it’s scoring an interview for your dream job, long after you’ve given up on pursuing it.  Maybe you had a certain vision for what your life would look like, and circumstances beyond your control have taken you down a different path.  If, a few years ago, you told Lisa that she would be married to her soul mate, and be the mother to a beautiful little girl, she probably wouldn’t have believed you.  I think you’ll agree that she looks pretty darn content with the way things turned out!  Lisa + Shands shared an intimate wedding ceremony with about 40 of their friends and family at Old Ranch Country Club in Seal Beach.  Shands was very distraught *sarcasm* when he didn’t see his wedding images featured on my blog yet, so I’ll make this an extra juicy entry, just for you Shands!  Haha!  Please enjoy a little peek into this very special couple’s wedding day :)

The ADORABLE and quite spunky Little “Z” giving mommy some love while sneaking a look at daddy.Old Ranch Country Club wedding pictures

The bridal dressing room at Old Ranch Country Club is awesome – lots of space, light, and mirrors.weddings Old Ranch Country Club

I just love the green and orange wedding theme.  Maybe I’m a little biased though, since those were my wedding colors also :)green wedding flowers

green wedding decorations

Lisa hired the very talented Beauty and the Beach for hair and makeup.  What a romantic updo!green wedding flowers

Great lighting is always the first thing I look for when photographing portraits.  This dressing room had lots of lovely natural light coming in through a big window.green weddings

green weddings

The “first look.”  Shands sees Lisa for the first time as his bride.  I get tears in my eyes when I look at this image…Old Ranch Country Club wedding photos

Costa Mesa wedding photography

Orange County wedding venues

Orange County country club wedding

Orange County wedding photography

Orange County golf course wedding

Anaheim wedding photography

Laguna Beach weddings

wedding pictures Old Ranch Country Club

  1. Lisa and Shands

    Wow, we just don’t get tired of looking at these beautiful pictures! We can’t thank you enough for capturing our day and giving this gift that will truly last a lifetime! We have already received sooo many compliments on your talented images! We look forward to our next family session and thankfully Shands will finally get some rest after a month of stalking your Blog!!! LOL!

    A heartfelt THANK-you!
    Shands & Lisa

  2. Christy

    Beautiful!!!! Just as beautiful as this little family!!!

  3. Jennifer Delaney- Niez

    Such beautifuly captured moments! I love the first picture of Lisa and Z kissing! Touches my heart!

  4. Diantha

    www. tropical-plants-flowes-and-decor.com

    I must say Shands and Lisa’s photos are the best wedding pictures I have seen in over 35 years, I will recommend you to all my friends.

    Beautiful job!


  5. MEggan

    www. ryanmeggsjourney.blogspot.com

    STUNNING STUNNING Pics! What an amazing job capturing all of the best moments!

  6. Judy Wedekind

    WHAT AWESOME PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really hard to choose, the best of the best pictures, that I have seen in a long time. The day was perfect, and the wedding was so beautiful. I would strongly advise CARLY DANIEL PHOTOGRAPHY, BEAUTY AND THE BEACH, and OLD RANCH COUNTRY CLUB, for any function, especially weddings. They were so helpful, and respectful of your wishes. COULD NOT HAVE BEEN A MORE MEMORABLE DAY!!!!

  7. gina

    Zaela might be the prettiest flower girl ever. You all look amazing. Great shots.

  8. janet mccoy

    Love the picture of Lisa and her daughter. Colors are just beautiful

  9. Maria

    Your work is a masterpiece of photography. Great, beautiful, vibrant photos that captured these magical moments wonderfully.

  10. kelly adams

    Most beautiful pictures I’ve seen. Colors are georgeous.

  11. Tina & Mike G.

    Loved, Loved, did I mention, Loved the photos of this Beautiful wedding & Family!!! It was amazing!!!

  12. Tina & Mike G.

    Loved,loved,did I mention, LOVED the photos of the beautiful wedding & Family!!! They were amazing!!!

  13. Maria Paculdo

    www. bodybymaria.biz

    Wonderful pictures….makes it easy when the subjects are so good-looking! Really love the one of mom and daughter kissing. Great job!!!

  14. Michelle Budzenski

    Absolutely STUNNING pictures!!!!!! Everything was just beautiful!

  15. Margerete & Matt Schmit

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful weddig pictures with us,
    Stunning pictures.

  16. Nikko

    The photos are awesome. Carly did a great job. And of course you did too with all the decorations. Love the shoes.

  17. Shelley

    Wow! The pictures are just amazing! What a beautiful family and a beautiful wedding…

  18. Silvia and Tibor

    Beautiful pictures, I love all the details and the colors are amazing, she did a great job.
    Much love and happiness:)

  19. Kristine

    Gorgeous pictures of a gorgeous family!!

  20. Tracey G.

    I loved the wedding photos and you guys look soooooo happy! The photos should be on the cover a a magazine!!!!

  21. Mandi

    Gorgeous pictures and family so happy for you. Love the shot of the shoes.

  22. Jenn J

    Love Love Love the pictures! The colors are so beautiful and you ALL look amazing! Just Gorgeous!

  23. Gail

    Carly you captured Lisa and Shands happiness in their eyes, amazing job!!!! The pictures were all great. I especialy liked the ones on the bridge and in the way you framed them in the archways. It was the most amazing day. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT AND THE COLORS AMAZING !!! LOVE YA BOTH!!

  24. Earl Perry

    You both look so nice, I almost didn’t recognize you! I should have had her photograph my wedding.

  25. Joe and Mary

    Awesome pictures, just breathtaking! Just think how nice it will be to relive your special day with pictures as gorgeous as these. Many blessings to your new little family.

  26. Lisa and Ed Sun

    What a wonderful collage of wedding photographs! They truly captured and expressed the happiness of Shands, Lisa, and Z………

  27. Linda

    I Love those shoes!!! You guys look great!

  28. Lucy

    U captured the true essence of the love they have for one another. ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!!

  29. Vickisita Ramani

    At first I thought this was advertising!! Then, I had to look at them over and over, as I cant get enough of them. You guys are just so beautiful and deserving of each other! I am truly happy for you, my Lisa…
    The pictures are so real, so perfect yet so natural, they are just beautiful, I thought you guys were models!!!!
    -As us Colombians would say: “Se la hecho la fotografa, toda una berraca”: Official Colombian-English translation: “-Great work , she kicks a……, ! LOL!
    Congratulations again and again, for finding each other in this lonely world!

    I dedicate a special song for you guys, (although you have to look it up and have Lucy Lu translate) Song Name: “Bendita tu Luz”. Interpreter: Mana.
    Just for you with love!

    You always bestesest friend !
    Vic Mc.Bim # 2.

  30. Gretchen Liebe

    That was a fabulous day and the photographer did an outstanding job capturing the moments of the day. I especially love the use of natural lighting. During the ceremony I hardly noticed her there yet her pictures are gorgeous… but so are the bride and groom!

  31. Dana and Kathy Hauver

    These pictures turned out so good! We are so happy for you both!

  32. Karen Jackson-Williams

    Wow, the pictures of wedding were simply breathtaking. When I get married for the second and final time, I want to hire you as my photographer. The color scheme for the wedding (orange, green, and white) were simply ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

  33. carly

    www. carlydaniel.com

    Thank you everyone for all your lovely comments :) Karen- I’ll be waiting for your call!

  34. Lisa & Shands

    Thank you everyone also for your kind comments! We are so sad our day came and went, but SOOO HAPPY we have these beautiful images that captured our our day! A huge thank you again Carly : )

    Lisa and Shands

  35. Seal Beach Wedding Photography – Orange County Country Club Wedding

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    […] and Jamie tied the knot this summer at the Navy Golf Course in Seal Beach. I loved the “roofless” chapel that they do the ceremonies at. I did a lot of great […]

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