Coto De Caza Wedding Photographer {Becky + Brad}

Becky and Brad tied the knot at Coto de Caza Golf & Racquet Club this past Saturday in a beautiful outdoor ceremony.  I got home that night at 9:30, and finally forced myself into bed around midnight, after browsing through their images for hours. There are so many factors involved in creating beautiful wedding images, and this couple (and their wedding in general) were a photographer’s DREAM come true! The interactions were sincere, the location- perfect, the decor and flowers – tastefully elegant, the bride and groom- ridiculously attractive. Needless to say, I had way too much fun documenting Becky and Brad’s wedding day, and I thank God once again that I am fortunate enough to have a job that I love this much. PS- I have to give a shout out to my sort-of-step-cousin (long story) for referring this gorgeous couple to me; thank you so much Tyson! Also, a big thank you to the Coto de Caza Golf Club wedding coordinator, Tracy, for your impeccable skill to keep a wedding running smoothly.

Videographer – Lisa Shih
Florist – Elegant by Design
Hair & Makeup – Julia Papworth
Cake – Black Forest Bakery
DJ & Lighting – Tasos Tsirtsis of Atmosphere Events

coto-de-caza-wedding-01 coto-de-caza-wedding-02 coto-de-caza-wedding-03 coto-de-caza-wedding-04 coto-de-caza-wedding-06 coto-de-caza-wedding-07 coto-de-caza-wedding-08 coto-de-caza-wedding-09 coto-de-caza-wedding-10 coto-de-caza-wedding-12 coto-de-caza-wedding-14 coto-de-caza-wedding-16 coto-de-caza-wedding-17 coto-de-caza-wedding-18 coto-de-caza-wedding-19 coto-de-caza-wedding-21 coto-de-caza-wedding-22 coto-de-caza-wedding-23 coto-de-caza-wedding-24 coto-de-caza-wedding-25 coto-de-caza-wedding-26 coto-de-caza-wedding-27 coto-de-caza-wedding-28 coto-de-caza-wedding-29 coto-de-caza-wedding-30 coto-de-caza-wedding-32 coto-de-caza-wedding-34 coto-de-caza-wedding-35 coto-de-caza-wedding-37 coto-de-caza-wedding-38 coto-de-caza-wedding-39 coto-de-caza-wedding-40 coto-de-caza-wedding-41 coto-de-caza-wedding-42 coto-de-caza-wedding-43 coto-de-caza-wedding-44 coto-de-caza-wedding-45 coto-de-caza-wedding-47 coto-de-caza-wedding-48 coto-de-caza-wedding-49 coto-de-caza-wedding-50 coto-de-caza-wedding-51 coto-de-caza-wedding-52 coto-de-caza-wedding-53 coto-de-caza-wedding-54 coto-de-caza-wedding-55 coto-de-caza-wedding-56 coto-de-caza-wedding-57 coto-de-caza-wedding-58 coto-de-caza-wedding-59 coto-de-caza-wedding-60 coto-de-caza-wedding-61 coto-de-caza-wedding-62 coto-de-caza-wedding-63 coto-de-caza-wedding-64 coto-de-caza-wedding-66 coto-de-caza-wedding-67 coto-de-caza-wedding-68 coto-de-caza-wedding-69 coto-de-caza-wedding-70 coto-de-caza-wedding-71 coto-de-caza-wedding-72 coto-de-caza-wedding-73 coto-de-caza-wedding-74 coto-de-caza-wedding-75 coto-de-caza-wedding-76 coto-de-caza-wedding-77 coto-de-caza-wedding-78 coto-de-caza-wedding-79

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