Heritage Park Dana Point Wedding | 19 Restaurant and Lounge

Heather and Bron hosted an intimate summer wedding ceremony at Heritage Park in Dana Point, followed by a reception at 19 Restaurant and Lounge in Laguna Woods.  I met Heather & Bron about 8 years ago when volunteering my photography services for an AWT networking event in Irvine.  A few years ago I photographed Bron’s extended family, then finally their wedding day this September!  After knowing this couple for so many years, it was such a treat to be able to watch them become husband and wife.

Ayres Laguna Woods wedding blue Badgley Mischika shoes 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-04 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-05 chevron wedding invitation 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-08 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-09 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-10 groomsmen gifts 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-12 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-13 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-14 the first look 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-16 Heritage Park Dana Point wedding ceremony Heritage Park wedding 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-19 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-20 Heritage Park Dana Point wedding photos 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-23 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-24 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-25 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-26 creative bridal portraits 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-28 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-29 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-31 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-32 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-33 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-34 19 restaurant and lounge wedding 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-37 bridesmaid shoes 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-39 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-41 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-42 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-43 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-44 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-45 19-restaurant-laguna-woods-wedding-46 off camera lighting wedding

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