Quail Hill Irvine Family Photography

We always get excited to work with this adorable family. Keli, little “D” and little “G” have a special place in our hearts at CC Street Studio!

The tight bond began with “Little D,” as she was the first newborn session I ever photographed. Since then Chriss and I have watched this family blossom, shooting close to a dozen portrait sessions throughout the years.

This Irvine family portrait session at Quail Hill was fun and easy to shoot because of our close relationship, making it easy for us to capture natural photos.

As an added bonus every summer Chriss gets to spend extra time with little “D” and little “G” when they attend Vacation Bible School at Mariners Church, where Chriss is the head of photography ministry.

It’s definitely going to be fun watching this family grow!

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If you enjoyed this session, click here to see more photos.

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