St. Regis Monarch Beach Wedding Photography | Hotel Laguna

  • September 12, 2008

Megan and Mike began their wedding day adventure at the St. Regis Monarch Beach in Dana Point.  They chose to do a “first look” and see each other before the ceremony, so we were able to take lots of photos of the two of them around the beautiful grounds of the St. Regis.  Their very intimate ceremony was held about 15 minutes down the beach in front of the historic Hotel Laguna in Laguna Beach.  Almost everyone travelled from other states to attend the wedding.  It’s not difficult to convince people to visit Southern California (especially Laguna Beach) in the summertime, which is probably why so many couples choose to do exactly what Mike and Megan did!

I ended up using this image for one of my business cards.  It cracks me up every time I look at it!  This is Victoria Beach (south Laguna Beach).  If you don’t mind climbing an extremely long set of stairs, check it out sometime.

Hotel Laguna wedding photographer

When you see that little blue box, you know there has to be something spectacular inside!St. Regis Monarch Beach wedding

When it’s super sunny like this, I usually don’t have my subjects look directly into the camera (unless the sun is behind them and I blast them with a flash).St Regis Monarch Beach wedding photos

Now this is the kind of lighting I kill for!  Not to mention the perfect background and gorgeous, happy bride!Monarch Beach St. Regis wedding

I thought Megan’s gown showed just enough to be sexy and bridal at the same time.  Berit Digerud did an immaculate job (as usual) on Megan’s photographer Hotel Laguna

I wanted this image to give the feeling of being far away and also convey the intimate nature of their ceremony.  The ceremony took place on Laguna Beach in front of Hotel Laguna (where their reception was also held).Laguna Beach weddings

This is my favorite truly “photojournalistic” moment of the day- Mike listening to his future wife recite her wedding vows.  I love how his eyes are just a little glassy with tears, awww!  Now that is the look of a man in love…weddings St. Regis Monarch Beach

Simple, tropical, just gorgeous!Saint Regis Monarch Beach wedding

The celebration…Hotel Laguna wedding reception

Congrats Megan and Mike!  Can’t WAIT til you make some babies for me to photograph!St. Regis wedding ceremony

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