Tivoli Too Wedding Photography {Hosanna + Patrick}

My wedding photog friend challenged me to do 10 blog posts in 10 days, so here’s #4 Hoffmann!  Hosanna and Patrick were married this past summer at the Laguna Beach wedding venue, Tivoli Too.  I absolutely LOVE working at Tivoli Too, as well as their other venues- The Hacienda and Tivoli Terrace (across the street from Tivoli Too).  All the staff members are not only super nice, they’re also very experienced and therefore make sure every wedding runs as smoothly as possible.  Anyways, back to Hosanna and Patrick’s wedding…These two are SO lovey dovey into each other, it was really an honor to be part of their wedding.  As usual, I cried my little eyeballs out, thank God for my trusty camera to block my face…

So…Hosanna is an incredibly gifted painter (look at the image of the painting on the first page of their album below).  When I saw that, I knew I HAD to have a Hosanna Rubio of my own, though I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted painted.  I decided on a Christmas gift for my grandparents- a painting of the Withlacoochie River at our family cabin in Florida.  It’s a place very near and dear to everyone in my family.  Hosanna blew my mind!  When she brought the painting to my house, I burst into tears.  It was SO much more than I imagined and more.  The detail is incredible, the colors are so vibrant, ahhh!  I shipped it to Florida and watched my grandparents open it on Christmas.  Half the family shared my reaction and burst into tears.  Mimi took the wreath off the wall in the living room, and replaced it with the painting :)  Thank you Hosanna, I am eternally grateful for the beautiful keepsake you made for my Mimi and Granddad.  Now here’s some pages from Hosanna and Patrick’s wedding album!


Laguna Beach wedding photogapher

Tivoli Too wedding

weddings Tivoli Too!

Tivoli Terrace wedding photos

Orange County wedding photographer

OC wedding photography

wedding photogapher Orange County

The Hacienda wedding pictures

Heisler Park wedding

modern wedding photographer Orange County

My Mimi and Granddad showing off their Hosanna Rubio original painting.Irvine wedding photographer

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