Beach Engagement Pictures

I’m a busy lady right now, lots of awesome engagement sessions and weddings to edit…so I’ll make this short and sweet.  Here’s the sneak peek from Mona & Khaled’s Irvine and Laguna Beach engagement session!  These two are soooo incredibly in love with each other, and they really let that love shine through for me to photograph.   There’s nothing that can make your engagement portraits more unique than being yourself.  Mona and Khaled are the type of couple who has fun no matter where they are or what they’re doing.  Thank you for an awesome evening of shooting! Can’t wait for the wedding this September at the Hilton Waterfront Resort in Huntington Beach!

1_solimanengpeek 2_solimanengpeek

  1. Sharief Taraman

    Great pics… I think Khaled is teaching Mona how to dance in the first pic ;)

  2. S. Taraman

    You guys look great in the pics.
    I hope there is a photo of Mona pulling Khaled all the way into the ocean!

  3. carly


    Sharief- that would have been hilarious! There are lots of fun images of them frolicking in the water :) but not quite all the way into the ocean! Thank you for your comments!

  4. K Taraman

    Very natural photos. I hope to have copy without any written words on it….just you both!

  5. Sanaa Taraman

    I like the bottom picture. It looks very natural and fun.

  6. Tracy D'Antonio

    Super cute!! Will there be more posted?

  7. carly


    Thanks for the comment Tracy :) I might post more after Mona & Khaled see all the images. This is just a little teaser to get them excited!

  8. Caitlin

    wow you guys look soooo great! amazing.. i love these!!!

  9. Danielle

    I love these pics!!!! Totally captured Mona’s beautiful smile and Khaled’s coolness :) I’m sure the wedding photos will be unbelievable!!!

  10. Saada

    Mona, you are so beautiful and Khaled, you look so handsome! You guys look so happy in these pics, and definitely having fun just like you guys always do :) The photographer did an amazing job!! So excited to see the rest!

  11. nora

    nice pics guys! I like the couple color coordination :)

  12. Noor Khedraki

    Love the pics!! Looks like you guys had an amazing time! Congrats!!

  13. Sally Abolrous

    Mona. Love the white dress!! You guys look gorgeous and so in love ;)))

  14. Elena

    Khaled, you are one lucky guy. Mona, you are one lucky girl. These photos are beautiful and capture both of your beauty, inside and out. Relish in happiness you’ve found in each other and enjoy every moment of your wedding; remembering to exhale and take it all in every now and then. This is all for you, honoring your love. I pray that you will look back at these pictures in 10, 20, 50 years and somehow have an even bigger smile than the one you bring to each other today. All my love and best wishes for a fun, beautiful wedding!

  15. Tonya

    Love these pics!! You guys looks great… Im soooo happy for you both love you!!

  16. Brent

    Super sweet

  17. sara

    LOVE it!! :) Congrats you two. Can’t wait to celebrate with you

  18. Dyania

    Alf Mabrook! Your such a wonderful person Mona and you deserve the best gorgeous pics <3 you lots!!

  19. Mona Taraman

    Thank you all for the sweet comments….Khaled and I are so blessed to be surrounded with such wonderful people. I can’t wait for the wedding when we will all be together and really enjoy the night! It is going to be a blast…I am so excited! Love- Mona

  20. Heba

    The pics are amazing! I can’t wait to see the rest of them.

  21. Kareem

    i like the first picture. Very natural.

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