Corona Del Mar Family Pictures

This family session touched our hearts. We thought the featured image on this post was cute, but we have had a dad hold up his baby hundreds of times and thought nothing of it. It wasn’t until they came in to our studio for their viewing session when we showed this image and he started crying. He went on to tell us that he was in a horrific car accident and broke his back. He didn’t think he would ever be able to hold anything up, let alone his child. Carly was a balling mess after hearing this story. It reminds us constantly that photos are more than decorations on your mantel or cute posts online. Grab a tissue and enjoy these images.
01-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 02-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 03-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 04-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 05-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 06-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 07-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 08-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 09-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 10-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 11-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 12-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 13-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 14-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 15-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 16-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 17-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 18-family-photographer-corona-del-mar 19-family-photographer-corona-del-mar

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