Fine Art Newborn Photography {Baby K}

We welcomed Baby K into the studio for his newborn session recently. The most amazing part about this session was his hero daddy. While we didn’t press for specifics, we know his father fought for our freedom in Iraq and was awarded a Purple Heart of Bravery. OMG. We never expected to see one of these in real life. It truly touches your heart to look at someone who put it all on the line for our freedom. Thank you for your service and congratulations on your baby boy.
01-fine-art-newborn-photography 02-fine-art-newborn-photography 03-fine-art-newborn-photography 04-fine-art-newborn-photography 05-fine-art-newborn-photography 06-fine-art-newborn-photography 07-fine-art-newborn-photography 08-fine-art-newborn-photography 09-fine-art-newborn-photography 10-fine-art-newborn-photography 11-fine-art-newborn-photography 12-fine-art-newborn-photography 13-fine-art-newborn-photography 14-fine-art-newborn-photography 15-fine-art-newborn-photography 16-fine-art-newborn-photography 17-fine-art-newborn-photography 18-fine-art-newborn-photography 19-fine-art-newborn-photography 20-fine-art-newborn-photography 21-fine-art-newborn-photography 22-fine-art-newborn-photography

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