Engagement Photos Huntington Beach

For Marquis and Eboni’s engagement session, we started with some casual-ish shots at Central Park in Huntington Beach, then made our way to downtown Huntington Beach.  Central Park is a very sentimental place for Eboni and Marquis.  I gotta give a big shout out to my girl DeNeitra(Marquis’ sister) who referred this wonderful couple to me!  DeNeitra is a BOMB event and wedding planner, and owner of Savvy Events.  When I first spoke to Eboni on the phone, we discovered that we have the same types of dogs!  We both have slightly overweight Miniature Pinschers with minds of their own, and hyperactive Boston Terriers with gas problems.  That’s probably more than you needed to know, huh?  Well, enjoy the images of this super in love couple!

I couldn’t decide between the next 2 images, so I’m showing both.

Huntington Beach wedding photographer

While I love the dramatic sunburst in the above image, I also love the backlighting illuminating Eboni’s face in the image below.OC wedding photography

REAL, natural smiles!  Good job guys!Huntington Beach wedding venues

I have no problem making a fool of myself in order to get some laughs :)engagement photos Huntington Beach

I also have no problem trespassing if it means getting a sweet shot like this, haha!  Kidding…kinda.engagemetn photographer Orange County

Grrrr!  Get him Eboni!downtown HB engagement session

Models!  This deserves to be a big canvas gallery wrap on their wall.Newport Beach wedding photographer

  1. Hoffmann Photographer

    www. hoffmannphotographer.com

    i like the way the colors pop on your photos. i like their first outfits too. definitely like the 1st one with the sun blasting through.

  2. DeNeitra

    www. savvy-events.com

    Carly, you are super amazing! I’m so happy that I referred my brother and future sister-in-law to you. . .your work is phenomenal. Thanks so much for taking such stellar pictures of the two of them. . .I’ve never seen my brother look happier.

  3. carly

    www. carlydaniel.com

    Thanks hun! I’m so stoked I could shoot their e-sess, they were a lot of fun. You & your bro have the same laugh :) It’s cute.

  4. Eboni

    These photographs are so GREAT! We can’t stop looking at them and can’t wait to share them all with family and friends. Thanks again :) Looking forward to our play date at the dog park!

  5. carly

    www. carlydaniel.com

    You two are a beautiful couple, so it wasn’t hard to get amazing photos :) Taj has some weird bumps on his face, so after I take him to the vet I’ll email you about a play date. I’ll also give you the info about the dog food & website where I bought the frisbee. Mailing your disc today!

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