Levyland Estates Wedding {Jessie + Jeff}

Finally finished the post of this gorgeous wedding at Levyland Estates in Carlsbad!  Jessie & Jeff held a seaside ceremony, with a reception and crazy night of dancing at Levyland Estate.  There were so many unique details, all coordinated & designed by Laura Robertson from TOS Events.  Laura actually used one of the sailboat images from Jeff & Jessie’s engagement session as inspiration for the whole design scheme of the wedding.  As you can probably tell from the images, these two are clearly smitten with each other :)  You can see it in Jeff’s eyes when he looks at Jessie- he has found the woman of his dreams.  Enjoy…



03_sorensonwed 04_sorensonwedI’m so in love with Jessie’s Oscar de la Renta wedding dress.  Simple, but has a very interesting shape.


06_sorensonwed 07_sorensonwed 08_sorensonwed

Jessie wanted to spend a private moment with her dad when he saw her for the first time as a bride.  Not a dry eye in the room!

09_sorensonwedDad is clearly proud of his little girl.
10_sorensonwed 11_sorensonwed 12_sorensonwed

The girls got ready at La Costa Resort & Spa so of course we had to take advantage of the beautiful property there.13_sorensonwed 14_sorensonwed 15_sorensonwed 16_sorensonwed 17_sorensonwed 18_sorensonwed 19_sorensonwed 20_sorensonwed 21_sorensonwed 22_sorensonwed 23_sorensonwed

Chriss captured some funny shots of the guys goofing off.24_sorensonwed

25_sorensonwed Thank you to Destinee Christiansen for assisting us and capturing some wonderful images too!26_sorensonwed 27_sorensonwed 28_sorensonwed 29_sorensonwed 30_sorensonwed 31_sorensonwed 32_sorensonwed 33_sorensonwed 34_sorensonwed 35_sorensonwed 36_sorensonwed 37_sorensonwed 38_sorensonwedShooting with one hand, holding the veil with the other.  That’s why they call me a “professional!”  Haha!

39_sorensonwed40_sorensonwed 41_sorensonwed 42_sorensonwed 43_sorensonwed 44_sorensonwed 45_sorensonwed 46_sorensonwed 47_sorensonwed 48_sorensonwed 49_sorensonwed

Jeff personalized this old, wooden boat with a carving & it was used as the bar at the wedding! 50_sorensonwed 51_sorensonwed

This table showcased some photographs as well as several pages of Facebook conversations between Jeff & Jessie, starting with their first online convo the night after they met. 52_sorensonwed


Grand entrance on the balcony!54_sorensonwed 55_sorensonwed 56_sorensonwed 57_sorensonwed 58_sorensonwed 59_sorensonwedPies personalized with the Jeff & Jessie logo :)
61_sorensonwed 62_sorensonwed 63_sorensonwed 64_sorensonwed

A+ garter retrieval!  Jeff’s mom seems to approve too.65_sorensonwed 66_sorensonwed 67_sorensonwed

  1. MaMa & PaPa

    I feel like I have just relived the wedding day of our son Jeff, and his beautiful bride Jessie. You capture every moment and emotion without even seeing you.
    You are amazing, thank you so very much my dear.
    Love & gratitude, Pam

  2. carly

    www. carlydaniel.com

    You’re very welcome, Pam :) Their wedding was amazing, such a perfect day & crazy-in-love couple!

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