Newborn Photography Newport Beach {Baby S}

Baby S was a sweet lil angel during her newborn photo session (besides peeing on daddy, but that’s a common occurrence here at CDP).  I photographed baby S’s big brother’s newborn session a couple years ago.  While photographing newborns is one of the most special things about my job, a TON of work goes into each session.  I thought I’d give you all a rough idea of how much time goes into each newborn session.

The 3 hours I spend photographing the session is just the beginning.  The night before the session, I transform my living room into a natural light studio, which takes approximately 1.5 hours.  After the session, it usually looks like a tornado went through the house, and I spend another 2 hours putting away props/backdrops/flooring, washing blankets/rugs/diaper covers, and vacuuming.  Going through the hundreds of images I shot to choose my favorites, combined with editing & retouching the images usually takes 5-7 hours.  Not done yet!  That nifty slideshow I show my clients at the viewing & ordering appointment tacks on another hour.  Add in at least another 2 hours for the time used consulting with my clients (phone calls, emails, printing contracts & questionnaires).  The viewing & ordering appointment takes another hour.  Finally, I can fulfill the order, which can take anywhere from 1-8 hours (depends on what the client orders).  That’s a total of approximately 17-26 hours per session!  Yikes!  Now on to the fun stuff…

The first 4 images below are examples to show what the images looked like before retouching, and what they look like after they’ve been spruced up.  Baby S had lots of dry skin (which is very common in newborns).

01_sorensonscarlettnb AFTER02_sorensonscarlettnb

BEFORE03_sorensonscarlettnb AFTER04_sorensonscarlettnb 05_sorensonscarlettnb 06_sorensonscarlettnb 07_sorensonscarlettnb 08_sorensonscarlettnb 09_sorensonscarlettnb 10_sorensonscarlettnb 11_sorensonscarlettnb 12_sorensonscarlettnb 13_sorensonscarlettnb 14_sorensonscarlettnb 15_sorensonscarlettnb 16_sorensonscarlettnb 17_sorensonscarlettnb 18_sorensonscarlettnb 19_sorensonscarlettnb 20_sorensonscarlettnb 21_sorensonscarlettnb 22_sorensonscarlettnb 23_sorensonscarlettnb 24_sorensonscarlettnb 25_sorensonscarlettnb 26_sorensonscarlettnb 27_sorensonscarlettnb 28_sorensonscarlettnb 29_sorensonscarlettnb

  1. MaMa & PaPa

    Once again, you have captured the beauty and innocence of our second grandchild, and shown the love of our son and daughter in law. You are amazing and gifted.
    Thank you so much, we will treasure you photographs forever.
    With gratitude and love,
    Steve and Pam

  2. carly


    Thank you so much for your sweet compliments! I’m blessed to be able to capture these photos of your beautiful family.

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