Ole Hanson Beach Club Wedding

I’m a busy little lady right now, so I’m going to make this short and sweet :)  Here’s a sneak peek from Daniel and Chelsea’s Ole Hanson Beach Club wedding!  Ole Hanson is a cool wedding venue if you’re looking to bring in your own food, alcohol, decorations, etc.  It was one of those weddings where I’m thankful for my huge camera covering my face so no one sees the tears welling up in my eyes.  Chelsea and Daniel met while volunteering for an event with Christian Surfers.  Daniel is actually a very skilled surfboard shaper, so if you need a new board, call Crystal Sea Surfboards!

Daniel’s beloved VW bus blew up shortly after the wedding :(  Good thing we got lots of photos with her.  RIP.

San Clemente wedding

We set up 2 off camera flashes for the ceremony.  Looks cool shooting into the lights like this.
Ole Hanson Beach Club

One thing a bride has never asked me: “Can I do a handstand?”  Uhhh, heck yes you can!!!  The handstands were proceeded by a few awesome leaps.  Chelsea is a former gymnast :)
San Clemente wedding pictures

A little something to celebrate Daniel’s Canadian roots…Ole Hanson Beach Club wedding

Chelsea hired my daddy as her videographer.  The father-daughter dance is always a tear jerker for me, because it reminds me of when I was a kid & shot weddings with my dad.  He would always say to me “Someday that will be us out there.”  I could tell that Chelsea and her dad had that same strong father-daughter bond.Orange County beach wedding

My 2nd photographer has a macro (closeup) lens, so he’s able to get cool shots like this one.  Their rings are shaped like waves to symbolize their shared love of the ocean and surfing.  Can anyone guess what the rings are laying on?Laguna Beach wedding photographer

Thank you to my 2nd photographer Steve Hoffmann (for your incredible images, and for helping me lug around my 2 pink Alien Bee strobes!)  It’s worth it for the sweet light they produce.

Delicious Mexican food catered by La Siesta.  I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food, but this was delish.

  1. Chelsea Vantol

    Awesome work Carly! :) and Steve too!!!!

  2. Chelsea

    Are the rings on the palm frawns we had on the tables???

  3. Joanne Foland

    Amazing photography!!!!!!

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