Tivoli Too Wedding Photos {Vanessa + Mike}

Happy 1 year anniversary to Vanessa and Mike!  Time certainly flies…Their wedding took place last December at the Laguna Beach wedding venue Tivoli Too!  The weather wasn’t exactly cooperating with us that evening, but the staff at Tivoli went out of their way to make sure we had plenty of dry space for photos.  It didn’t appear that the rain was going to stop, so the chairs were moved under a covered area outdoors (which would now be the new ceremony site) so guests would stay dry.  It was heartbreaking to see Vanessa so sad because she couldn’t have the beautiful waterfall background she was dreaming of.  Then…the rain stopped, literally 10 minutes before the ceremony was supposed to begin.  The awesome Tivoli staff busted their butts to move the 100+ chairs back to their original positions by the waterfall, and Vanessa and Mike gave the ok to start the ceremony 5 minutes early.  Yay!!

We were able to use Tivoli Terrace (across the street from Tivoli Too) for pre-ceremony photos (another great move by the staff at Tivoli).

Tivoli Terrace wedding photos

You can’t go wrong with a red rose bouquet in December.wedding pics Tivoli Too

Quite a fun crowd!Laguna Beach engagement photos

It’s rare to find a wedding venue that looks this amazing at nighttime.  Tivoli Too! can pull off a gorgeous day or night wedding.weddings Tivoli Too!

My most favorite thing at Tivoli Too is the humongous disco ball chandelier hanging in the tent.  Don’t let the word “tent” fool you either.  It’s really beautiful.wedding reception Tivoli Terrace

I love all the interactions going on amongst the bridal party in the background.wedding photography Laguna Beach

I learn a lot about my clients from their family members’ toasts!wedding pictures Tivoli Terrace

Playful and oh so cute!Laguna Beach wedding venues

Larry (owner of Diamond DJ’s) had quite a rowdy dancefloor going!  I’ve seen hundreds of wedding DJ’s, and he’s hands down one of my favorites.Huntington Beach wedding photographer

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