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I finally had the opportunity to photograph Baby K in her first ever official portrait session.  Kristine and Jon are probably the sweetest couple I’ve ever met, and one of my most favorite clients.  I photographed their wedding a couple years ago at Saint Vincent de Paul in Huntington Beach, and have since photographed a few of Kristine’s former co-workers’ weddings also.  I told Jon “they say babies are the most photogenic at 8 months old” and sure enough he contacted me when Baby K was about that age to schedule a session.  We took a few shots at my studio first, then headed to downtown Huntington Beach for some different backdrops and the lovely, soft natural light.  The AMAZING ChinnyLulu Designs was kind enough to lend me some of her fabulous hairpieces for the shoot.  The one shown is a classic, white baby headband with bow.  I’ll eventually post more pix showing the awesome ones with feathers; they’re to die for!

I used a textured overlay on this image to create a darker, more dramatic background so Baby K’s bright outfit stands out even more.

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  1. Kari Braun

    You caught Baby K perfectly. She looks like she’s looking right back at you and is listening to your every word. Nice clean photo of her face! Beautiful job. And yes, I would guess that Jonathan & his wife ARE wonderful….Jonathan was wonderful back in 6th grade when I had him as a student…can’t see him being anything but wonderful!

  2. carly


    Thank you so much for your kind words Kari.

  3. Vince

    That is an amazing picture of Kaelyn. The colors pop, her eyes are beautiful and I really like how it sorta looks like you’re using a tilt-shift to get that shallow depth of field.

  4. carly


    Thanks Vince! Sounds like you know a bit about photography :) I used a 50mm, 1.4 lens set at 2.8 & had her sit about a foot in front of the wall to attain the shallow depth of field. That my favorite lens for portraits, and it’s by far the least expensive one I own!

  5. Kimberley Membiela

    What a wonderful picture. Her eyes look so beautiful. The colors areso bright. Great Great Picture.

  6. Allan

    Don’t know anything about photography, so I just wanted to say that’s a beautiful picture of a beautiful baby!

  7. aaron

    What a cute baby, nice capture!

  8. Genelle

    I absolutely love this picture of my goddaughter :D She looks like a lil person and she’s growing up so fast. I can’t wait to see the rest of her pictures.

  9. shirley o. danao

    beautiful pix of kaelyn captured by a good camera and and by a good photographer. She sure is photogenic and her beauty was captired in ths picture. I’m so eager to see the rest of the pictures and have those on my collection for her album that i’m making.

  10. riza d:)

    the dark bg really brought out kaelyn’s brightness and her big round eyes really stood out. man! this pic makes me want to learn photography!!! but overall: BOMB!.com/DOPE! :D

  11. Danielle Lodada

    In the sake of cuteness I quote Despicable me, “She’s So Fluffy!” My immediate reaction due to the high level of cute factor she gives off :]

  12. Michelle V

    Hey Jonathan and Kristine!

    W O W! Your daughter is growing up so fast…MY GOODNESS! She kind of looks like BOTH OF YOU…awesome!!! =) She’s too cute…well hope all is well and HOPE TO SEE YOU ALL SOON!!! Great photo!!!

  13. Karen Robinson

    This picture is absolutely beautiful! I love the head band…gorgeous!!

  14. Jeff

    My niece is so cute :) Her eyes really do stand out in this picture. Love the vibrant colors that contrast with the darker background; it really draws your attention to her. Excellent job!

  15. Tony Danao

    I am color blind but I can see everything in this picture. She is as good looking as grand Pa at 8 months old. Jon and Tin, keep up the good work . God Bless all of you.


  16. Edita Balagot

    Beautiful picture of my granddaughter. She really looks like her mom. Can’t wait to see the rest of her pictures.
    Job well done.

  17. Teresa Choa

    Kaelyn is so beautiful …so cute.. with the head band. She is photogenic. Great Picture!!

  18. Kristine Paredes

    So cute!! Totally looks like both of you! Perfect :D

  19. Daniel Song

    so cute!!! can’t wait to see the rest of them!

  20. Dan

    I like the saturated background, it adds lots of visual crunch and interesting texture to the layout. Cute shot! The look of curiosity on her face is great. Well-captured shot.

  21. Melody Camat

    L.O.V.E this picture of baby Kaelyn! Kudos to the photographer =]

  22. carl

    This picture is absolutely beautiful

  23. JS

    So cute!

  24. WCurtis

    What a beautiful baby!! You captured her wonderfully…

  25. Des

    Oh my gosh, this baby is SO adorable!!!! And what an amazing photo! So perfect! And what a cute little outfit! Seriously, cutest baby ever. ( :

  26. Jenny H.

    What a beautiful picture! Your baby is a doll! :)

  27. Connie

    So cute! This is an adorable picture!

  28. Jeremy

    Wonderful photo. This pushes the limits of adorability.

  29. Ryan

    What a great picture. What an adorable baby!!!!

  30. barkat ali

    www. none

    very nice pics your baby like angell
    very cute

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