Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel Wedding | Cannons Restaurant Wedding

Katie and Mike are officially Mr. and Mrs. after a beautiful (and really really fun) wedding yesterday at Heritage Park in Dana Point.  The incredibly sweet and talented Melody Walker was hired to coordinate the event.  As always, she pulled it off flawlessly and kept Katie stress-free so she could enjoy her wedding.  We were fortunate enough to be able to take pre ceremony photos at the Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel, then after the ceremony we headed down to the beach for a mini photo sess of the bridal party.  Guests enjoyed a beautiful view of Dana Point Harbor and perfect weather at Cannons Restaurant, where the reception took place.  We were also entertained with several toasts by the couple’s loved ones.  Until yesterday I had never seen a wedding toast involving two Cabbage Patch dolls…I think the bride’s brother referred to them as “nunchucks of death” or something hillarious like that.  Congrats Katie and Mike!  You make a beautiful couple and I am so honored that I was able to document your wedding day!

She looks just a wee bit happy, huh?  :-D

Cannons Restaurant wedding

The modern day bridal party photo- Blackberries in hand!Dana Point wedding photographer

After the nunchuck Cabbage Patch doll demonstration…Luckily, no one was hurt.wedding Ritz Carlton Laguna Beach

Good lighting is always the first thing I look for when choosing a spot for photos.  Look how beautiful their skin is in this sweet light inside a hallway at the Ritz Carlton!Cannons Seafood Grill wedding

Katie has always wanted Mike to sing for her (he used to sing back in the day).  That wish became a reality when Mike serenaded his new wife in a surprise performance.  Not a dry eye in the house (including mine)!Ritz Dana Point wedding

  1. Priya Kumar

    These pictures came out beautifully! They absolutely captured the joy and love you both have found in each other. I can’t wait until I can get copies!

  2. carly

    www. carlydaniel.com

    Thanks Priya! I don’t think it’s possible for them to look bad in a photo, they’re just too cute together. I’m excited to have met another Priya too :)

  3. Melody Walker

    www. eventsbymelodywalker.com

    Wow, I cannot believe how beautiful your photos are. But with a perfect couple, and your talent, it must have been easy.
    Love you all and can’t wait to see more photos.


  4. carly

    www. carlydaniel.com

    Thank you Melody. I don’t know how the schedule that day would have been pulled off without you!

  5. Priya Kumar

    Thanks, Carly! If I happen to get married in Southern California, you are definitely the photographer to call! I’ll definitely send your name to anyone else I know getting married/having some big event. You do beautiful work! I just hope that you were able to get an action shot of Steve and the “Nunchucks of Death” Cabbage Patch dolls. :)

  6. Anne McLain

    Great photos! I peeked yesterday, Carly! They are BEAUTIFUL, Katie and Mike! SO FUN! What a fabulous weekend! Love, AJKS =)

  7. Kristen Oberg

    Just beautiful . . . Carly – you captured everything exactly as I remember it! Plenty of beautiful shots of a beautiful evening!

  8. Kylee Kneefel

    Great pictures of them! I cant wait to see more!

  9. Estrella Tamburro

    Absolutely stunning!!!!! You did a fantastic job! Can’t wait to see the rest!!!! :)

  10. Liz Adamack

    Wow… these are amazing!! Cannot wait to see more!! Carly you were great!

  11. Rose Kumar (Priya's mom)

    The pictures look great! I love the candid shots! I can’t wait to see the rest!

  12. Marcie Diffenderfer

    Carly, your photographs are stunning! I am so excited to see all your photos. I loved watching you work from the moment you came into the hotel room at the Ritz with the girls through the wedding and reception. You are your assistant were amazing and so talented. Thank you for your professionalism, ability to catch even the “little moments” and the emotions of the event. Beautiful job!

  13. Mary Grigsby

    Oh my gosh! These pictures are absolutely beautiful! I am so impressed that they are posted so quickly and it certainly leaves me wanting to see more! Katie and Mike, you both look and are so happy and the pictures capture everything! I am recommending the photographer to anyone needing a photog is So. Cal!

  14. Bill Diffenderfer

    Carly: Thanks for sharing the photos—taken around the rest of us “jockeying for position” –they are great! I’m glad you enjoyed the event–we all did!
    Bill Diffenderfer (Mike’s Dad)

  15. Anjali Kumar (Priya's sister)

    These pictures look great! I’m sure they really captured the joy of the day. Katie and Mike look fantastic and you really did a great job with the candids. Gorgeous!

  16. Jennifer Wright

    All I can say is “WOW!!!!!” You truly have a gift. The lighting and composition is outstanding. The traditional pics are gorgeous and the
    fun candids are very original. How long do we have to wait for the rest? This tease is almost too much!!! LOL Seriously, thank you so
    much for your patience and professionalism. It was an amazing experience to have you capture this special event.

  17. carly

    www. carlydaniel.com

    Thank you so much Jennifer! The rest of the images will be posted in an online gallery on pictage.com in about 2 weeks. If you go to pictage.com & sign up to be notified via email as soon as the images are available, you get a gift certificate :)

  18. Stan Oberg

    Carly, these are beautiful photos! And you were the perfect photograper(s) unobtrusive, yet you got the perfect shots! I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

  19. Nathan Donaldson

    What great pics, Carly. Katie – you are stunningly captured – what a beautiful bride. Does Mike know how lucky he is? Miss seeing you at your former work …but am so happy for the two of you.

  20. Tom

    Turns out a high school & club team mate of Katie saw the wedding & didn’t realize it was Katie. She is getting married next year and told here younger sister she thinks she wants it at Heritage Park. She has also found this blog and interested in your contact info. Pls get me your email address and we will pass it along

  21. carly

    www. carlydaniel.com

    Hi Tom, thank you for the comment. Here’s my contact info- email: [email protected], phone: 714.536.9414, website: http://www.carlydaniel.com. You can also find that info on the “Contact” page of my website & blog: http://carlydaniel.com/contact.php. Thanks so much for referring her!

  22. Stef Malcolm

    www. [email protected]

    These photos are beautiful! Congratulations, Katie & Mike!

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