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Meet Rocky. Rocky is a handsome fawn colored Pug from Newport Beach. His hobbies include begging for human food, consuming entire bags of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups (wrapper and all), eating tiny plastic spoons from Baskin Robbins, and gazing at humans with my adorable large eyes in an attempt to earn a cookie (dog treat).

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  1. Victoria Street

    Rocky – Your so Beautiful!

  2. Victoria Street

    Although I’m usually very good. On Sunday I decided to take an adventure of my own. Every morning, first thing, my dad lets me out the front door and I go up and get the cookie my neighbors leave me at their door step. Then I am supposed to come right back down and come home. But I thought since Mom was still asleep and Dad was on an early morning call I’d just go over to see if my friends at the office wanted to give me a cookie also. Before I got to the office a family picked me up in their car. A real nice family with a little girl. They called the number on my tag and brought me home. My Dad was really mad at me.

  3. Carly

    Uh oh! The temptation of cookies is just too much for him!

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